Your Moving Timeline - Part 2

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You're two to four weeks out from your move - it's crunch time! Here are tips to make your West Palm Beach, FL move go smoothly and pain-free!

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of having a game plan together to make your moving experience as smooth and pain-free as possible. Hopefully the tips for what should be happening from six to eight weeks out got you thinking about what you've already taken care of and what still needs to be done.  In this post, we'll provide some direction on what needs to be handled in the two to four weeks leading up to moving day.

Four Weeks Out

Select your mover and get your arrangements confirmed

Now's the time to put your earlier homework to good use. After you've gotten several written estimates and on-site visits, choose the mover that works best for you. Make sure you're all on the same page with written confirmation of dates and times, costs, and other details.

Start packing

Now is the time to get those rarely-used or out of season items packed up and out of the way. Anything you can get taken care of now is less to worry about as the big day approaches. You'll have enough to keep track of then!  As you pack valuables, make note of anything that may need additional insurance from the moving company, and detail these items on your inventory.

Label things clearly

Make sure each box is marked with the room it's going to and what's contained inside. If there any of your belongings will be needed soon after moving, make a note of that too by marking it essential.

Separate the items you'll move yourself

You'll want to make sure that you personally have valuables and keepsakes you want to move in your own vehicle put aside from items for the movers. This would include jewelry, family heirlooms and important papers. It's a good idea to keep the paperwork and estimate from your mover with this box, because you may need it on moving day for reference.

Submit USPS change of address and notify other important parties

Whether you do it in person at the post office or choose the convenience of doing it online, don't forget that the USPS knows where you're going! If you have a neighbor with whom you're close, ask them to check from time to time to make sure nothing has slipped through. Make sure your bank and financial firms, credit card companies, utilities, your employer, insurers and periodicals or subscriptions have your new address.

Forward pertinent medical records

If you've found new doctors where you're moving, arrange for your current doctors to send your records directly to them. If you haven't found new providers yet, get copies you can take with you. You also may want to check with your current doctor to see if they can recommend someone.

Two Weeks Out

Make sure your employer knows what day you're moving

Let your boss know you'll need that day off to supervise the move (although there's a good chance they already know!).

Get your vehicle road-ready

This one is especially important if you have a long distance to drive, or will be living in a different climate.  Check with your mechanic to see if there are any special services that need to be considered before moving.

Collect belongings from your safe-deposit box

If you have a safe-deposit box, make sure it isn't forgotten in all the activity in changing banks and so

Touch base with your moving company

Put your mind at ease, and make sure everything is still all-systems go!

Watch for our next post, the final part of the Moving Timeline series, which will be covering that last week up through moving day. In the meantime, if there are any questions you have or if you'd like to get an estimate from us, give us a call! Brandon Transfer and Storage has spent nearly 100 years getting homes, businesses and medical equipment moved safely from point A to point B.

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