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We know that there are many more people moving into the little “village” of Lantana FL to enjoy the tranquility and splendor the community has to offer. If you’re one of them, you’ve made the right choice. Not only will you find Lantana a great place to live and work, you’ll be joining one of Florida’s most supportive communities.

post office at Lantana FL vintage postcard from Allied Van Lines

The story of the earliest Lantana FL movers and pioneers

One of Palm Beach’s oldest towns, Lantana sure has a rich history. It begins with a tale of settlers who arrived in the area somewhere in the mid 18th century and made the place their home for close to half a century. At around the close of the century, the M.B. Lyman family came along and started several enterprises in the area including an Indian Trading Post, a post office, and a general store. They would later name the post office Lantana Point because of the wild Lantana plants that grew in abundance in the area. Before you know it, the whole place was being called Lantana!

It’s a touching story that locals have always told their children and grandchildren. It’s also the story that has made the town the great place it is today, with tourists flocking at the beaches and other Americans coming from far and wide to live in the area. You might not believe it, but in 1930, there were a paltry 188 people living in Lantana. Fast forward that to 2016 and we have in excess of 11,000 people happily co-existing in this small town.

There are many other reasons the town has grown so fast including the 800 feet of shoreline, beautiful beaches, local foods, and excellent weather. Some even arrive on the coastal town just to enjoy the beautiful mornings and glamorous sunsets. It’s no wonder we already have more than more than 4,164 households in the 2.9 square mile town.  

Moving in? Get the Right Lantana FL Movers

To make sure you set off on the right foot, we at Brandon Transfer & Storage, a charter agent for Allied Van Lines, want to help you make a smooth move to your new Lantana home. We understand that moving can be stressful – losing friends, starting over, costs – it can be a nightmare. That’s why we have a special plan to help you breeze through your move.  

Contact us today to learn about the plan we have in place for you. We guarantee you’ll love it!

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