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What is a Local Move?

Local movers generally handle moves within 100 miles of the original location, and can be either residential or commercial. Families often like to stay in the area but move to a better home, or move to follow a job that has been relocated to a nearby city. A company may need to move all its office equipment from one side of town to another, or a retailer may need to move its entire inventory to a new storefront that is more advantageous for business. When any of these or similar scenarios come up, it’s time to contact local movers Brandon Transfer & Storage Co.

Why Choose Brandon Transfer & Storage

The local movers at Brandon Transfer & Storage Co. have been making local moves with clients for nearly 100 years, and during that time the company has learned everything about what it takes to accomplish a safe and efficient transport of goods from a source location to a new destination. The Brandon experts understand that moving time is very stressful and often chaotic for family members or for businessmen, and they do their very best to provide a reliable service that can help to reduce anxiety for those in need of moving and carting.

What Kinds of Things do we Move?

It is probably easier to list the items that we don't move. The most common items are furniture, appliances, tables, chairs, tools, patio furniture, pictures, mirrors, food and clothing. We don't move items that are hazardous like fuel, chemicals, oil and potentially toxic items. Oh, and we don't move your pets, children and relatives.

Do I need to wrap and pack my stuff for a local move?

Sofas, pool tables, armoires, pianos, huge desks, and other over-sized furniture have all been moved by Brandon Transfer professionals with great care from start to finish. Whatever kind of awkward, bulky furniture you need moved, we have probably already done it successfully in the past.

A Moving Company You Can Trust

Making a short move doesn't mean you don't need to protect your household items from damage. Bad things can happen even in a short local move if you're not careful. If we pack your stuff we are responsible for the condition of your possessions during transit. You may find that a little additional cost for professional packing may be a great investment considering replacement cost or expenses related to repairing damaged goods.

How long before the move should I contact a mover?

Experience tells us the more time invested in planning the better the move will be. It's difficult to execute an efficient, quality move when we get a call on Friday for a move on Saturday. We do more than just load and transfer your valuable goods. Our value added is the help we can provide in planning and advising on the many tasks and details involved in even a small move. Our goal is to make your move as pleasant and trouble-free as possible. This requires some time and planning. When you're ready we'll send and experienced consultant out to get the process started.

How long will it take?

The time it will take is determined mostly by the distance of the move. We can advise on this once we have all the details. Our goal for a local move is to get you and your furniture from your current residence to your new home in one day. We have the crews and equipment to make it happen. One important factor is to complete all your packing prior to moving day. Moving day should be reserved for transport and maybe some unpacking.

What should I look out for in my local move?

There are dozens of moving companies to choose from. It is best to choose an established company that is known for great customer service. Using a reputable company will help you avoid many pitfalls that can cost you a lot of money. We recommend you choose a well known, credible company that is affiliated with a national brand or franchise like Brandon Transfer & Storage and Allied Van Lines.

Customer Review

Great guys really helpful
your guys were great they had good ideas about the furniture placement and were very careful everything arrived just perfect. I always use Allied Van Lines and definitely recommend Brandon transfer. Moving is so stressful and The men at Brandon made it easy. Thank you Brandon for a Pleasant experience
Zayna A.
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