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Industrial Rigging in West Palm Beach, FL

Industrial Rigging Services

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Industrial rigging services needed by our West Palm Beach clients are those related to the safe hoisting, transporting, and installing of extremely bulky items that cannot be handled by ordinary means. Often this will involve the use of special equipment designed specifically for such work, such as cranes, cables, pulleys, hydraulic machinery, and the trucking needed to transport it. It also requires a special knowledge of how to operate this equipment and how to do every step in the process in the safest possible manner so as to ensure that no damage ever occurs to the objects being moved. That’s where Brandon Transfer & Storage Co. riggers enter the picture.

Industrial Rigging Specialists

Brandon Transfer & Storage Co. is the only moving company in South Florida that has the equipment and the expertise to undertake complicated industrial rigging services and hoisting. A business with nearly 100 years of experience, our company and its riggers have had a long time to perfect our methods of transporting these very bulky items that are beyond the scope of most moving companies. Part of the reason for the success of our riggers and our sterling reputation in this field is that we have partnered with other experts in the field such as Riggers & Erectors of Florida and Erectors International to provide coverage across the state and even out of the country to get the job done.

Rigging History of Success

Brandon Transfer riggers have been called upon to move some large items that were considered too difficult to move intact, and have still managed to achieve success while also satisfying the customer. Tasks that seem impossible at the outset are analyzed by our rigging service specialists. A plan is developed with the client in terms of which resources are needed to accomplish the transport, and our riggers put the operation into effect. Here are some of the kinds of projects Brandon Transfer riggers have accomplished in the past:

  • MRI Units, Gammaknife, and CAT-Scan equipment. These very bulky pieces of equipment require special care and expertise due to sensitivity to rough handling. Brandon Transfer rigging services have moved them successfully in the past, and know what must be done.
  • Aerospace parts. Everyone is aware of the precision that must be built in to aerospace equipment in order to do the complicated work for which it was made. Brandon Transfer riggers especially understand this, and have often been tasked with transporting this kind of highly sensitive equipment.
  • Industrial and machine equipment. Machinery used in factory work to manufacture products can be extremely bulky and heavy, but it still has to be moved with great care so that when it’s set up in the new location, it operates with the same efficiency needed by its manufacturing company.
  • Art and museum pieces. More than just paintings, artwork can involve some very creative and very bulky pieces of sculpture that have to be handled delicately to avoid damage to the precision of the work. Projects like these have been managed by Brandon Transfer rigging services with the appropriate level of TLC.
  • Marine equipment. Boating equipment and trailers need to be moved when your family relocates, so you don’t miss the fabulous water recreation opportunities provided in southern Florida, and Brandon Transfer can manage the moving of your marine equipment.
  • Large electronics. Computer systems are among the bulky items that sometimes need to be moved to new locations, as businesses relocate.When a business depends on its computer data, it must be handled with kid gloves and installed correctly wherever it is moved to.
  • Oversized furniture. Sofas, pool tables, armoires, pianos, huge desks, and other oversized furniture have all been moved by Brandon professionals with great care from start to finish. Whatever kind of awkward, bulky furniture you need moved, we have probably already done it successfully in the past.

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There are no industrial rigging services too big for Brandon Transfer & Storage in West Palm beach to accomplish. As an agent of Allied Van Lines, with a network of agents across the country and around the world, our reputation in this field is that of ‘the moving company that can move anything anywhere’. We take great pride in the fact that we can come through for customers when no one else can, and we’d like you to put us to the test. Call us at (561)-683-5000 and schedule a free evaluation and moving estimate. You may also want to take advantage of our services for local moving, long distance moving, and international moving.

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On time, polite and careful with our belongs. Charles and his team did a great job.
Shirley G.
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