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Packing & Unpacking Services in West Palm Beach, FL

One of the biggest hassles involved in any move is the endless packing of all household goods, or in the case of a business all the office goods. The furnishings, dishes, clothing, toys, souvenirs and all other items that accumulate over a period of years all require care in wrapping and packing safely for moving. This is always one of the most time-consuming operations of any move because it does require care for each piece, so as to avoid any kind of damage during packing or during transit to the new location.

Along with moving and storage in West Palm Beach, packing & unpacking services are also offered by the expert movers at Brandon Transfer & Storage in West Palm Beach, FL. Our movers have been trained in the proper methods to use when securing all these goods so as to ensure that they arrive at the new locations intact and damage-free. All boxes and containers get clearly marked so that contents are easily identifiable when they are off-loaded at the new destination. The un-packing of contents will be handled with the same commitment to care and safety by our specialists so that you can take care of other moving issues.

Commercial Packing & Unpacking Services

As a leader among moving companies in West Palm Beach, FL, Brandon Transfer & Storage's professional movers are not limited to just moving furniture, household goods, and office supplies. In the many years our company has been serving the businesses and families of the West Palm Beach, FL and surrounding areas, our specialists have become proficient at many other aspects of moving and storage as well.

Cumbersome or Fragile

If you have any kind of cumbersome or fragile items, such as all the office furniture, computer equipment, and file cabinets associated with a big business office, this can all be packed with care by our packing & unpacking services professionals. They have been trained to understand the importance of handling delicate computer equipment properly so that there are no problems with startup at the new office site, and any really bulky items from the office are given that same treatment.

Fragile Medical Equipment

Moving medical equipment is another specialty of Brandon Transfer & Storage. Some equipment like x-ray machines can be extremely heavy and bulky, and may require special techniques to get them safely out of the office, on to the truck, off the truck, and situated into the new medical office. Our movers have made these kinds of moves many times already, and are always prepared to lend their expertise to the next situation requiring that kind of experience.

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I recently used Brandon to move from WPB, FL to LA, CA. They held my stuff in storage for 3 months until I found a place on the West Coast. I called them when I got settled and they scheduled delivery for me. All went as good as could be, everything arrived on the exact date they said, and in perfect condition... I highly recommend them!
Amy H.
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