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As a leader among moving companies in West Palm Beach, FL, Brandon Transfer & Storage knows that businesses of all kinds face the need for extra storage. Retail businesses often own seasonal decorations or sale décor that is too bulky to stay in their storefront. Small businesses might face an overflow of paperwork or financial records that need to be kept safely on file. Distributors often benefit from additional space for storage of goods, records, and equipment. No matter what kind of business you run, Brandon Transfer & Storage is here to help with your commercial storage in West Palm Beach.

Our dedicated movers and storage specialists understand the unique needs of business owners in maintaining safe, secure, adequate warehousing space for a variety of needs. When you contact one of our storage solutions experts, you’ll have access to someone who will work with you to understand your particular uses, business requirements, and security concerns.


Secure Storage Solutions

All of our commercial storage spaces are in a completely secured warehouse. Each space is temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled, meaning you can safely store paperwork, electronics, wood items, and anything else you need off-site from your business. Our commercial storage clients tell us that they appreciate:

Streamlining Their On-Site Storage - You can keep items that are used frequently or regularly on-site at your business and keep seasonal or annual items off-site and out from underfoot of your employees.

Easy Access - One benefit of working with the storage solutions from a mover is that you’ll always have access to help for moving items to and from your business. And you can access your storage unit as needed, and provide access to a key employee, as well.

Trustworthy Storage Spaces - Brandon Transfer & Storage employees are dedicated to the safety of our commercial storage space, and that includes physical security, monitoring, and monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions. There is always someone watching out for your items at Brandon Transfer & Storage.


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If your business has grown out of its current space, you might choose commercial moving services, or you might choose commercial storage space. Whatever your decision, Brandon Transfer & Storage is dedicated to providing cost-effective business services that can help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial storage spaces.

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I have recommended Brandon transfer and Storage to 2 of my friends and they both called to thank me . They both spoke of professionalism and delivering everything in one piece with no haggling about price upon delivery. They were honest about their services and only assured me that I could recommend them again.
Susan Z.
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