Why Does My Mover Need to Come to My Home for an Estimate?

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Moving costs tend to vary from one job to the next, even if a moving company has set moving rates. So an in-home estimate is best.

These days, almost everything can be done online. As a result, you might find it odd when you contact a moving company for an estimate only to be told that the movers will have to schedule an appointment to come to your home. This may seem really inconvenient, but it's actually a sign that the movers you are talking to are reputable. This is because providing in-home estimates is a moving industry standard.

Providing an Accurate Moving Estimate

Moving costs tend to vary from one job to the next, even if a moving company has set moving rates. Just because you're being charged an hourly rate does not mean that you'll end up paying the same as every other customer--some jobs take longer than others, after all, and that's exactly what a moving company will try to determine when they come to your home to provide an estimate.

When movers come to your house, they will take into consideration many different factors that could contribute to their estimate. This includes the following:

• Amount of possessions - This one should be obvious, but the more things you have, the longer it's going to take for your movers to load up their truck. They will do a thorough walk through of your home to get an idea of how much work will need to be done. Even if not everything is packed yet, they can eye what's on your shelves to figure out how many boxes there will end up being. They'll also figure out how many moving trucks will be required to load everything up. If more than one truck is needed, the rate will be higher.

• The weight of possessions - Besides figuring out how many boxes need to be moved, your movers will also look at all of your furniture. They'll be able to guess the weight, which will contribute to how easy it is to carry out and load. A heavy piece of furniture may require two movers to move, while some things, like pianos, may require specialized equipment.

• Size of the house - The size of the house doesn't just refer to how many things need to be moved, it also refers to the actual space. If you have a three-story house with narrow stairways, it may take longer to move things, especially bulky furniture, out of your house.

• Loading convenience - If you live in a house or apartment where the moving company can just pull their truck right up to the entrance, then it will take a lot less time to load. However, if they end up having to park far away due to apartment building restrictions or other factors, then it will take much longer for your movers to load your things.

There are online estimators that you can use to get an idea of how much it will cost you, but keep in mind that most people tend to underestimate how much they actually own. A professional mover can make a more accurate estimate in person.

If you're planning a move in the West Palm Beach area, then be sure to schedule an in-home estimate by contacting us at Brandon Transfer & Storage today.

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