What is ProMover and why is it important?

ProMover Residential Moving & Storage
The ProMover program may be one of the best resources in your residential move, but do you know why? How can knowing about ProMover certification help you?

Back in January of 2009, The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) began their highly lauded ProMover initiative. The program aims to protect consumers by providing certification to professional moving and storage companies. In so doing, consumers would have a simple and reliable way to differentiate reputable, reliable movers from scam artists looking to rip off unwitting people.

Certified for your protection

The ProMover program is an invaluable resource for consumers. In addition to removing doubt about the legitimacy of their chosen moving and storage company, it also provides guidance and aid for nearly every aspect of their relocation. From the process of selecting a mover, to getting written estimates, to checklists and tips and even guiding them through the maze that can be insurance and the valuation of their possessions.

AMSA is the most trusted organization representing the community of ethical movers in the United States. AMSA is a proponent of sensible government policies and regulations which allow their member companies to provide high quality service at affordable rates.  As well as providing assistance to individuals using the services of professional moving and storage businesses, the ProMover program furnishes materials that let them know their responsibilities and rights when moving.

Promoting high standards in the moving industry

In collaborating with state and federal governments, the ProMover program strives to see that the highest ethics and principles are followed, and that rogue operators can be more easily identified. By recognizing the achievement of high standards of movers in the industry, ProMover certification encourages excellent service while giving consumers a tangible measure of trustworthiness from the company they hire.

AMSA isn’t a government agency, though, so it doesn’t have the authority to award damage compensation or settlements you may have incurred as a result of a mover. Members of the ProMover program have agree to abide by the standards set forth. ProMover certification is not a guarantee on AMSA’s behalf, but they will rescind the membership of those movers who fail to meet the ethics and principles of the organization.

Brandon Transfer & Storage is proud member of the ProMover Program. With nearly 100 years in business in the West Palm Beach area, we provide superior service to our customers on local, long-distance and international relocations. Call us today for a free quote and Relax, We’ll Carry the Load.

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