What if I need to file a damage claim?

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These are some of the things you should know about filing a damage claim should there be an incident when moving.

Hiring reputable residential movers will reduce the risk of damage occurring to your belongings; unfortunately, there will always be some risk due to the fact that so many things are being loaded, transported, and unloaded over the course of a move. If something is damaged, then you will want to file a damage claim.

Filing a Damage Claim

When a claim has been initiated, a claims adjuster will inspect your inventory sheet, the damage you've claimed, and the valuation coverage. Make sure that you keep the damaged item until the claim is resolved. Depending on where you moved, the process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete.

It's important that you inspect your things when they are delivered so that you can note the damage or loss on the inventory sheet. If you don't do this and sign off on the inventory sheet, then it could affect your ability to secure a settlement. Additionally, residential movers will note the condition of your things as they take inventory when they load the truck. If something was already damaged, it won't be covered.

Your Coverage

If your claim is accepted, the amount you'll be given will depend on your coverage. The following are the different types of coverage you can have:

  • Release     Valued - Release valued coverage pays     out $0.60 per pound for each item that was lost or damaged no matter what     it's actual value might be. This means that if you lost a 50-pound couch,     you'll receive $30. This type of coverage is free.
  • Full     Extra Care Protection - Also referred to as full     replacement value or full value protection coverage, full extra care     protection will provide you with the value of the item lost or damaged.     However, certain high-value items, such as fine works of art, will require     additional coverage.

It's worth noting that whether or not the damaged item can be repaired will have an impact on the amount that you'll receive. Items that can be repaired don't need to be fully replaced, after all.

These are some of the things you should know about filing a damage claim. We provide our customers with the option of Extra Care Protection, which we highly recommend for every residential move. To request a free estimate for an upcoming move in or around West Palm Beach, FL, contact us today at Brandon Transfer & Storage.


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