West Palm Beach Movers Tips to Make Your Move Easier

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Most people dread moving, but you can make your life easier with these tips from expert West Palm Beach movers.

Moving, while sometimes exciting, can be extremely stressful. Just the thought of leaving your neighbors can be devastating. Add to that that the need to find boxes, pack, and carry hundreds of things up and down, and you begin to see why no homeowner looks forward to a move.

Unfortunately, for most people, there is no getting around it. Sometimes you just have to move.

Strategies for a less stressful move

When it comes to this, the only thing you can do is to find a way to deal with the anxiety. A great place to start is being organized and making the move as painless as possible. Below, we look at several useful tips you can follow for a simple, stress-free move.

Avoid the last minute rush

Unless you have to pack and leave in a hurry, chances are that you’ll have at least a whole month to plan for the move. To ensure everything runs smoothly, create a countdown list and itemize everything such that you know what you need to do every week until moving day arrives.

Don’t purchase any more groceries for now

With just one month or a few weeks to go, it’s advisable to suspend grocery shopping for a while. Instead, focus on consuming what’s already available in your refrigerator. This will save you on costs since most groceries go bad fast. Additionally, you’ll have fewer items to haul.

Figure out a moving strategy

There are two ways of moving. For shorter moves, such as when moving to a house within the neighborhood, all you need is a nice friend with a truck to help you haul your belongings. For long moves, however, you need a special moving truck. You can either rent the truck or hire a moving company to handle everything on your behalf.

Ensure it’s a big enough truck

If you’re moving to a house within the neighborhood, making several trips isn’t a problem. But when moving across states, it’s cheaper and less stressful to transport everything in one trip. For these long trips, in general, for a bachelor and one-bedroom apartment, go for a 16-foot cube truck. For two or more fully furnished bedrooms, a 24-foot to 26-foot cube truck is needed.

Get rid of items you no longer need

There is no need bringing along items you won’t use. So, use this opportunity to get rid of these items. You can sell some of them to your neighbors. You can also hold a yard sale and put items such as furniture up for sale on Craiglist.com. Another good idea is to donate gently worn clothes to goodwill.

Take an inventory of all your items

This is especially necessary if you’re using a moving company. You need a record of every household item in case anything goes missing. One way to go about this is to record the content of each moving box and assign each box a number. Then, label each box. This makes it super easy to track even the smallest items.

You don’t have to buy too many packing boxes

Those small boxes you often carry from the grocery can help when moving. You can also rent reusable plastic bins rather than buy cardboard boxes. And lastly, you might also consider using old linen to wrap breakables. These simple ideas will reduce overall costs.

Before you begin packing, prepare a moving day kit

A moving day kit contains the essentials you’ll need immediately you arrive at the new house. At the most basic, your kit should contain cleaning supplies, light bulbs, phone chargers, a change of clothes, garbage bags, toilet paper, your toiletry bag, and anything else you deem absolutely necessary.

Pack smart; do more with less

First, decide who will do the packing. Is it you or the moving company? If you’ll be doing it on your own, try to utilize every little space you can find. For instance, suitcases and containers should be filled with smaller items such as clothes. For extra padding, use blankets and towels. While doing all this, ensure to distribute weight evenly throughout your boxes, starting with heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top.

Protect your valuables

For artwork, jewelry and other valuables, you need to be extra careful with them on moving day, or they could go missing never to be found. The same applies to breakables such as laptops and your 50-inch TV. Pack them separately taking extra caution to ensure they arrive safely. If possible, you can also insure these items or select a moving company with insurance.

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