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We’ve been West Palm Beach Movers for nearly 100 years, and over that time, certain questions get asked time and again. In this blog, we’ll provide some answers for these FAQs.

How much should I expect to pay for my move?

Several factors will come into play:

  • How large is the load? Generally speaking, the cost of the move is based on the weight. So the larger the home, the more it will be. A four bedroom home will be more expensive than a studio apartment.
  • Where are you headed? The distance of your move will also determine total moving costs. You can expect to pay more for a cross country move than a cross town move.
  • How much of the work do you want to do? Obviously having professional movers pack and unpack, load and transport, you can expect higher expense out of pocket than just renting a truck and doing it all yourself. Dollars and cents might not be the only cost you’ll want to consider, though. Handling it all on your own comes with non-monetary costs, like your time, etc.

Should I buy movers insurance?

Perhaps. While minimal coverage is included in the cost of a professional move, your homeowner’s insurance may cover some property loss or damage incurred during transportation. Check with your insurer to determine what exactly is covered, and whether anything excluded. In those cases, you may want to purchase extra coverage.

Do I need insurance if I’m renting a truck and moving myself?

Most likely. Your property may not be covered under your personal insurance, and most credit cards won’t pay for damage to your possessions like they might with a rental car. Do your research to find out for certain.

Do I have to be present while the movers are working?

Yes. Either you or an authorized adult should be there for both the packing/loading and the unloading/unpacking. This will allow you to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction and that everyone has the right paperwork and inventory list. If you’re unable to be there, make sure the person representing you in your stead has your written authorization to be responsible.

 If you have questions that weren’t answered here, we’d love to help! Give us a call or use our contact form. Don’t forget that we also are a available to make an onsite visit and provide you with a free written estimate.

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