Strategies for packing your kids stuff

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From scheduling playdates for young children to getting the older kids to help out, we've got ideas to maximize your packing time and minimize the hassle.

Getting ready for a move can be quite a challenge once you take into account everything that needs to be packed. This entire process can seem even more difficult if you have kids around. If you have younger children (such as pre-kindergarten age children), you might want to schedule a playdate for them or get someone to babysit them outside of the house to give you time to focus on packing. However, older kids can help with packing their own stuff. The following are a few tips to get your kids to help with packing:

  • Labeling boxes - Kindergartners and elementary school kids may be too young to pack their own things, but you can get them to help out by writing on the boxes. Get them to write what's in each box and what room they belong in, especially on their own boxes.
  • Packing small items - Younger children may be able to pack things that aren't too fragile. You don't want them to handle anything that could break and injure them. Set up a box for them and tell them what to put inside of it, whether it's board games or books. If your kids have a messy room, this will help them organize their things as well. Just keep in mind that they will have short attention spans, which means they'll lose interest after a little bit. You can give them goals, such as if they finish one box, they can go play for 15 minutes, to incentivize them.
  • Packing outside of their rooms - Children who are in grade school and above will be able to help throughout the rest of the house. Just make sure you only give them tasks you know they'll be responsible for. For example, if your child is somewhat of a perfectionist, then you can get them to pack dishes - as long as you show them how to do it carefully.
  • Packing everything in their rooms - High schoolers should have no trouble packing all of their belongings. Just make sure that you provide instructions and deadlines since may put it off as a result of being high schoolers.

These are just a few tips on how your kids can help with packing up your home. To make the moving process easier, make sure that you schedule your move ahead of time. For a free moving estimate, contact us at Brandon Transfer & Storage today.

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