Signs you’re dealing with a shady mover

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Unsure if your moving company is scamming you? Afraid you're just being paranoid? Here are signs that your fear of being ripped off isn't all in your head.

Moving to a new home can be stress-inducing even under the
best of circumstances, but what if adding to that stress is the worry that your
moving company is trying to rip you off?  Rogue moving and storage companies are
certainly out there, and they’re on the lookout for vulnerable people to scam.

The first thing to know is that looking for movers with
ProMover certification can really be a great sign that you’ve found a reputable
company. They have pledged to operate under the ethical standards of The
American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) program. But if it’s too late
for that now, and you can’t decide whether you’re being ripped off or just
paranoid, here are some tip-offs that the movers you’ve chosen are not on the

The surprise price hike

This is probably the most widely known con game out there.
If the outrageously low price quote from the moving company seemed too good to be
true… well… it probably was. We always recommend getting estimates from several
movers before agreeing to hire anyone. If one quote is much lower than the rest,
that should be a red flag. Cheaper up front doesn’t necessarily equal the best

Holding your stuff hostage

This scam is often used in conjunction with the surprise price
hike. If you’re unwilling to pay the extra costs they’re trying to charge you,
they may refuse to unload your possessions until you do. Reputable movers would
never do this.

Suspicious business practices

Make sure your moving company is willing and able to provide
their physical address, licensing numbers and references. If they do not
provide an in-home, on-site estimate or won’t put their guarantees and quotes
in writing, that’s a bad sign. If they show up on moving day with an unmarked
truck or van, or are using a rental trailer, they may not be on the up-and-up.

Demanding a big cash deposit

Legitimate movers will not ask you to put down a sizable
deposit before they’ll begin your move. This is not standard operating
practice, and is a definite red flag. Run, do not walk, the other way.

These are just a few things to be on the lookout for when
hiring a moving and storage company. Again, checking to see if they have ProMover
certification is a great place to start. Brandon Transfer & Storage has been in business in the West Palm Beach area for nearly 100 years.  There’s a pretty good chance we’ve moved
someone you know. Call us today with any questions or to get your free estimate
for your upcoming move.

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