Moving Valuable Artwork

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A good moving company will typically offer additional artwork moving services that take into account how precious valuable artwork tends to be.

One of your top priorities when moving should be to make sure that everything is safely packed. The last thing you'll want is to damage any of your possessions--especially those that have value. However, this can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to your valuable artwork. Fortunately, a good moving company will typically offer additional artwork moving services that take into account how precious valuable artwork tends to be. Even so, you'll want to make sure that your artwork is properly packed.

Moving Unframed Paintings

To make sure your unframed paintings are safely moved, you'll need a number of supplies, including plenty of tape, sheets of cardboard, and either newsprint or tissue paper. For unframed paintings that are particularly valuable, you may want to opt for hardboard instead of cardboard. Once you've gathered your supplies, use the following steps to pack your unframed paintings.

• Place the cardboard beneath the painting. When handling the painting, grip it by the cardboard so that you don't get your fingers or hands on the art itself.

• Place your tissue paper or your newspaper over the face of the painting. This helps ensure that the artwork itself isn't scratched, stained, or blemished in any way by anything that might touch it during the move. Tape the tissue paper or newspaper down around the corners so that it will stay in place.

• Lay a sheet of cardboard over the face of the painting. You may want to use two sheets on each side to help provide more protection so that the painting doesn't bend.

• Wrap your tape around the cardboard underneath and on top of the painting to fix them in place.

• Take the sandwiched painting and place it between two pieces of hardwood or cardboard and tape all sides together.

Moving Framed Paintings

Framed paintings are a bit more challenging to pack because they are typically much heavier and the frames can sometimes be awkwardly shaped. You'll want to pick up strong boxes, such as mirror pack boxes, which most movers can provide for you. You'll need tape, hardboard, packing peanuts, corner protectors, and bubble wrap in order to safely and securely pack your framed paintings following these steps:

• Place corner protectors on the frame and then wrap the entire thing in bubble wrap. Tape up the corners to keep the bubble wrap in place.

• Place the painting in between two pieces of hardboard and tape them together.

• Put a layer of packing peanuts at the bottom of your box. Then insert the painting into the box. Make sure that you fill the sides of the box with more packing peanuts to create a tight fit. The tighter the fit, the better, as this will prevent the painting from shifting inside the box.

• Tape the box up.

Follow these steps to make sure your artwork is safely packed, whether it's framed or unframed. If it's particularly valuable, make sure that it's insured for its full value. For information about our antiques and collectibles moving service in West Palm Beach, FL, or to schedule an in-home moving estimate, be sure to reach out at Brandon Transfer & Storage today.

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