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Before your Palm Beach move, it's a great idea to learn some moving terminology to communicate with the movers and know exactly what you're paying for too.

Moving may seem like a simple process, but you might be surprised at the amount of advanced terminology that's involved. If you're planning on using professional movers in Palm Beach, FL, then it can't hurt to learn some of the terminology so that you will not only be able to communicate with your movers more effectively but so that you'll know exactly what you're paying for as well. The following are some of the moving terms you should know:

  • Accessorial charges - These are additional fees charged for extra services that aren't part of the basic moving service, such as packing, unpacking, carrying a piano up the stairs, servicing appliances and more.
  • AMSA Certified mover - AMSA certification is granted by the Federal Highway Administration and designates movers who are capable of transporting your goods under its own operating authority across state lines.
  • Bill of Lading - The bill of lading is basically the receipt and agreement between you and the moving company. You should always read through the bill of lading before signing it.
  • Binding and non-binding estimates - When you receive an estimate from a mover, it will either be binding or non-binding. Binding estimates mean that the mover can't charge more than what they estimated, even if it costs more to move than they thought. Non-binding means that the estimate is just that, an estimate, and that the final cost could be different.
  • Change order - A change order is an amendment to the estimate due to the addition or subtraction of belongings that need to be transported or services that you requested.
  • Flight charge - A flight charge is an extra charge for carrying your belongings up any stairs.
  • Linehaul charges - These are the charges for the vehicle transportation of your move and are applied in addition to extra services charges.
  • Non-allowable list - This is a list that the moving service is not allowed or refuses to transport, usually because they pose a potential risk to the condition of your other belongings or the safety of the movers.
  • Valuation - The valuation charge allows the mover to take on greater liability and is known as Extra Care Protection.

These are a few of the moving terms that are helpful to know if you are planning a move. For a free moving estimate or to schedule an upcoming move, be sure to contact our movers in Palm Beach, FL at Brandon Transfer today.

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