How do I get my appliances ready for a move?

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You've decided to move your applinances. These days appliances are very sophistcated and somewhat fragile. Here's how to get them ready to move.

When selling their home, some people will leave behind their major appliances, such as their refrigerators, stovetops, and washer and dryers. Others will sell them. If you plan on keeping your appliances and taking them with you, then you'll need to know how to get them ready for your residential movers to load into their moving truck. The following are a few tips for preparing your appliances to be moved:

  • Freezers     - Modern-day freezers are frost-free; however, if you have an older model,     then you will need to defrost it. This will require you to empty out your     freezer a few days before the move since it will take roughly two days to     defrost. If you need to, you can speed the process up by using a hair     dryer or by setting a large pot of boiling water into the freezer. The     steam should melt the frost. Once your freezer has defrosted, you'll want     to clean it.
  • Refrigerator     - Turn off your refrigerator and unplug it. Empty it and clean it     thoroughly. If your refrigerator has a water dispenser or an ice maker,     then you'll need to disconnect the water line and let any standing water     drain out.
  • Dishwasher     - Clean the food particles out of your dishwasher and disconnect the water     hoses. Let the standing water drain.
  • Washing     machine - Clean the lint trap and     disconnect the lines. Like the dishwasher, make sure you let the standing     water drain.
  • Ovens     - If you have a gas stove, you'll need to disconnect the lines and remove     the detachable burners, which will need to be packed separately. Take the     time to clean your oven and stovetop thoroughly.
  • Other     appliances - For all other appliances     that you plan on moving, make sure that you clean them thoroughly. Use     tape or ties to secure the cords and hoses of your appliances. Your     residential movers could trip over them while carrying them if they're not     properly secured, which could not only injure the mover, but also cause     them to drop and damage the appliance.

These are the steps you should take to prepare your appliances to be moved. Professional residential movers will have the expertise and the equipment needed to move even the heaviest of appliances safely onto the moving truck. For information about our residential moving services or to request a free estimate for a move in West Palm Beach, be sure to contact us at Brandon Transfer & Storage.

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