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Convincing your kids to leave old toys behind when moving

it can be challenging trying to convince your kids to leave behind old toys, even if they haven't touched them in years. Brandon Transfer has some tips.

When moving, one of the things you're probably going to want to do is to downsize your belongings, even if it's just getting rid of things that you no longer use or have need of. There's no reason to waste money having these items moved and then taking up space at your new home, after all. However, it can be challenging trying to convince your kids to leave behind old toys, even if they haven't touched them in years. The following are a few tips on how to convince your kids to get rid of their old toys before moving day:

  • Remind them that they can take all their other toys - Asking kids to leave some of their toys behind will sometimes make them feel like you are taking everything away from them. Make sure to point out that they can take all of their favorite toys.
  • Allow them to be part of the decision process - Start by showing them their room and help them plan how they want it to look. This will immediately help them feel like they are part of the moving process. This way, when you ask them to choose old toys to leave behind, they won't feel like the moving process is out of their control.
  • Tell them about the things you're leaving behind - You don't want them to feel like they're being singled out, so show them the items you're leaving behind.
  • Get them to help you with donations - Explaining that the old toys they leave behind will go to children who may be a little less fortunate than them can help make them feel good about themselves when it comes to choosing what toys to leave behind. In fact, if they're old enough. get them to help you bring those toys to wherever you're donating them.
  • Tell them that they will be getting new toys in the future - Remind them that because they are leaving old toys that they never play with behind to be donated, that they will have more space for new toys in the future.

These are just a few tips to help you convince your kids to sort their toys and to choose which toys they're willing to donate and leave behind. If you're planning a move to or from West Palm Beach, then be sure to contact us at Brandon Transfer & Storage to request a free estimate today.

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