Do's And Do Not's For Movers in West Palm Beach, FL

What to Do or Avoid Doing When Moving


One of the biggest projects you can undertake is moving from one home to another. While parts of the process are hopeful and exciting, other parts can be overwhelming and stress-filled. Whether you are hiring movers in West Palm Beach or going it alone, just knowing a few of the Do's and Do Not's of moving can help you avoid a lot of disappointment, wasted time and wasted money.

Moving and Storage Do's

  • Start planning as early as possible. The more time you can allow yourself to get a mover lined up and begin the process of sorting through your personal and household items the better. When you’re rushed, you’re more likely to feel stress.
  • Create lists. Having a master checklist or a planner with weekly tasks to complete will keep you on track. You may also be able to avoid that dreaded feeling that you’re forgetting something.
  • Do your homework when choosing a moving company. Make sure you check licensing, look at the insurance they offer and look at client reviews online. Choosing the cheapest mover upfront can often be much more costly than you’d think. Have the movers in West Palm Beach, FL come to your home so they can provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.
  • Make sure you have plenty of packing supplies. You won’t want to have to run out for more packing tape when you’re wrapping up those personal items you’ll be doing yourself.
  • Label all boxes very clearly. Things will go much more smoothly if your movers know which boxes go in which room. And when you begin unpacking, you’ll be so glad you took the time to do it!
  • Get the best contact information for your mover on the road. You’ll also want to ensure they have your info as well. Unexpected occurrences may crop up and keeping in touch is crucial.
  • Have sufficient insurance. Your mover will of course assume the risk for your shipment, but know the limits of their liability. Don’t forget to check your homeowner’s or renter’s policy to see if they’ll cover damage or loss to antiques, jewelry or other valuables you’ll be transporting personally.

Moving and Storage Do Not's

  • Do Not give incomplete or inaccurate information to your movers. Double-check that you have everything on the inventory list. Let your moving company know any special concerns, such as parking or unloading space concerns for the truck at the destination, or how many floors are at the new home.
  • Do Not move items that you don’t need. This could include things that you intend to donate or sell. It could also apply to oversized furniture that might not fit in your new residence. Make sure you’ve checked the measurements of your furniture against room, hallway and doorway sizes.
  • Do Not sign anything you don’t understand. Make sure you’ve read through contracts clearly and that any questions you might have are answered before you sign the dotted line.
  • Do Not forget to let everyone know you’re moving! Forward your address with the post office. Shut off your utilities and make sure they’re hooked up at your new home.
  • Do Not send your valuables with the movers. You’ll want to have your money, keepsakes, heirlooms and important documents with you. It’s also a good idea to have copies of medical and school records, your moving paperwork and important financial documentation.
  • Do Not forget to pack an overnight/carry-on bag. Make sure you have your medications, clothing, snacks and any other essential items you’ll need for the first few days at the new place.
  • Do Not go AWOL on your movers after they arrive. They may have important questions for you at your place of departure as well as your final destination. Arrange to be there the entire time your movers are.

Keeping this list in mind as you go forward in your moving adventure will go a long way to making your move go as smoothly as possible.

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