Keeping Kids Occupied During A Move

When it finally comes time to move, you're going to have a lot on your mind, especially as you instruct the movers, clean the house and take care of logistics in general. If you happen to have kids, then you're going to want to keep them from getting in anyone's way, which could result in them getting hurt. This is more likely to happen if they get bored, so use the following tips to keep your kids occupied during the move:

  • Have someone watch them - Because it can get a little hectic in your old house with the movers coming in and out, you might want to see if there's anyone that can watch your kids for a few hours, like a family member, friend or even a neighbor. 
  • Put together an activity kit - Make your kids a special activity kit just for moving day that includes things like brand new coloring books, crayons, sticker books, playdough and the like. Your kids will be more than happy to get some brand new stuff to play with, so it should keep them busy for the day.
  • Put aside some of their favorite toys - Your kids will get bored quickly if they have nothing to play with because everything's all packed up. Make sure that you keep a few things out, like their favorite toys. Having their favorite toys available to them will also make it easier to get through the move since they'll have something of comfort that they can hold during a time of change that may be a little bit scary.
  • Let them pick out a new book - If you have the time, take your kids to a bookstore the day before the move and let them pick out a book of their choice. They can then spend the day of the move reading their new books.
  • Download something on your phone or iPad - If you're unable to get out to purchase a few books, consider downloading a new game or move on your phone or iPad that your kids can play or watch.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to keep your kids occupied on moving day so that they don't get bored and so that you and the movers won't be distracted by them. For more moving advice, or to schedule an upcoming move, be sure to contact us at Brandon Transfer today.

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